Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Election Observations

Though not a fan of Mitt Romney, I do find valid the following observation by the estimable Lee Rodgers (whose always edifying and entertaining blog can -- and should daily -- be reached  by clicking here).

Thoughtful people hoping for a president who can actually accomplish something in a leadership role should be considering the respective backgrounds of the candidates.

Mitt Romney built, from the ground up, a hugely successful business enterprise that created thousands of jobs.

What has Barack Obama ever actually DONE? Besides and before bedazzling those enchanted by either his complexion or white guilt . . . what? 

And this, from Don Kates, a liberal Democrat and eminent civil rights attorney:

The one outstanding characteristic Romney has is that he is not Barack Obama.

Or to put the case for Romney in its most compelling way: when you've hit rock bottom, doesn't any change have to be for the better?

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