Thursday, October 25, 2012


With more disturbing revelations about what occurred in Benghazi on 9/11/12 coming to light daily, a number of conclusions have become inescapable:

1.  America's diplomatic and security personnel on the ground had recognized the mounting security threats facing them and been seeking additional security forces there since long before the murderous assault against them was mounted.

2.  Those requests for additional protection were denied by unidentified individuals in the chain of command headed by President Barack Obama.

3.  On 9/11, contrary to the cover story disseminated for weeks thereafter by Mr. Obama and his minions, there was no spontaneous demonstration or protest against any obscure Muslim-insulting video around the American facilities in Benghazi.  What took place was a well-planned, well-coordinated, heavily-armed terrorist attack that killed America's ambassador and three other American citizens.

4.  Knowledge of what was transpiring was known contemporaneously by responsible officials at every level in the aforesaid Obama chain of command.  Pleas for assistance from those on the ground were communicated to those officials while the attack was taking place.

5.  Such assistance probably could have been provided in ample time to save the lives of those who died in the attack.  But assistance that might have saved the lives of the embattled Americans was withheld as a matter of choice by those in authority.

6.  The responsible officials -- from the President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, our intelligence agency chiefs and chieftains, and their multitude of Joseph Goebbels award-winning spokesmen, spokeswomen, and representatives -- have become a chain of liars, desperate to avoid  public exposure of, and any consequence for their abandonment of their countrymen in peril and their subsequent continuing efforts to conceal their incompetence and malfeasance.

7.  The administration is complicit in the slaughter of  the Americans who died serving the nation in Libya last month, and its resort to false explanations, disclaimers, evasions and denials makes clear that it is a collection of shameless but shameful liars.

8.   Equally reprehensible is the assistance that has been and continues to be given by the country's major media outlets to the Obamanists' orchestrated diversionary efforts.  The journalice are trying to sweep the Benghazi debacle under the rug by by avoiding or minimizing coverage of the whole sordid story.

9.  It's long past time for the blunt unvarnished truth about the horrific episode to be made public.

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