Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lying As Standard Operating Procedure

In the aftermath of the Obama administration's efforts to spin the tragic Benghazi murders of America's ambassador to Libya and three other Americans as a result of a spontaneous protest over a silly old video even some of the nation's less dim journalice appear to have awakened to the fact that their heroic golden voiced orator is less than totally dedicated to truthfulness.

In this instance, the lies were a calculated political effort to disguise that the deaths were the result of a terrorist attack, recognition of which demonstrates that, notwithstanding the contrary claims of the administration, (i) terrorism (including al-Qaeda) has not been and is not being defeated and, in fact, is resurgent, and (ii) Obama's foreign policy of appeasement in the Middle East is collapsing as a failed fiasco.

As noted in a prior post on this blog, reality is a problem for America's current president.

That, however, shouldn't surprise anyone . . . not even the nation's media and its curiously uncurious journalice.

Mr. Obama is a fictional fairytale character.  Devoid of any accomplishments or qualifications and with less substance than an empty suit, he was elected to the presidency by inventing and, with the aid of the media, presenting a false persona to the electorate.  Virtually nothing that he and his abetters have said about his personal history is true or capable of withstanding even the most rudimentary examination.

It is any wonder then that when faced with any adverse situation their first instinct is to resort to further falsehoods?

Charlatans are not new in American public life.

What is new and disturbing  is the slavish gullibility of media that have abandoned their function as the public's watchdogs over those seeking and occupying public offices. The moderator of the most recent debate between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney provided a perfect example of this when she assisted Mr. Obama in falsely denying  his spontaneous protest Benghazi claims and then backed up his untrue denial.  She was aware of the truth, and subsequently acknowledged her error.  

What her lapse clearly demonstrated was and continues to be the default position of the nation's journalice -- knee jerk support of the fictional fairytale Obama character.

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