Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mooching Not the Answer

Mooching by one and all was suggested in a September 30 post on this site as a strategy to hasten the collapse of the rotten structure of America's current government and economy, and thus facilitate the commencement of efforts to resurrect our once great nation.

The problem with that suggestion is that one has to give up one's virtue to join the looters and engage in mooching.

Virtue is impossible or, at best, close to impossible to regain once it is lost . . . and the America we used to have is impossible without virtuous citizens.

That nation unfortunately may have sunk to a level so base that its restoration no longer is possible.

One astute observer has noted that throughout recorded history: 

*  Nations and societies have achieved greatness and nobility when and only so long as they are striving, and

*  In every instance corruption and decline have commenced once and as soon as a level of success, power, and prosperity that is perceived as satisfactory has been achieved. 

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