Monday, August 12, 2013

Letter to Wall Street Journal

The problem with your August 12 Obama’s Security Retreat editorial is that it implicitly calls for public support of a government not of laws but of men -- a government that:

*  Exempts those running it and their politically favored from laws that it imposes on, and enforces against the rest of the population;

*  Uses its tax enforcement and other agencies to stifle, attack, and punish political speech and actions by citizens and groups favoring restoration of constitutional limits on the size and scope of government;

*  Has been transforming federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies into military forces; and

*  Is staffed by -- and insists on confidence and trust in -- officials who blatantly lie to congress and the public, and others who cheat on their taxes, but in either case, suffer none of the consequences mandated for, and imposed on other citizens.

Thank you, but no thanks.  

If given only two alternatives, I would place my trust not on a government of such opportunistic political charlatans and whores but rather on individuals like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. Whether right, wrong, or misguided, each of them -- unlike all but a minuscule minority of those who comprise our current corrupt political elites -- at least has demonstrated possession of a conscience and a willingness to act in accordance with it at great personal cost.

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