Monday, August 19, 2013

Real Questions About Purportedly Phony Scandals

With Respect to the "phony" IRS Scandal:

Who benefited from the IRS-led coordinated multi-agency use of governmental power to stifle individual citizens and groups who in the run up to the 2012 election were  campaigning for restoring government to the size, scope, and nature established for it by the Constitution?

Who is preventing the disclosure of evidence about who is responsible for the subject abusive misuses of governmental power?

Absent evidence to the contrary, the answers to those question will be a pretty clear indication of who is responsible for what transpired.

With Respect to the "phony" Benghazi Scandal:

Who made the decision to refuse the request for additional and enhanced security that our ambassador to Libya made before he was brutally attacked, sodomized, and murdered in Benghazi?

Who made the decision not to send military aid to those being assaulted in Benghazi while the attack against them was in progress?

Who made the decision to issue the stand down order to the American troops who were prepared to go the aid of their countrymen under attack in Benghazi?

Where was the President and what was he doing while the Benghazi attack was in progress?

Who is responsible for, and who is benefitting from the ongoing and thus far successful extraordinary efforts to prevent disclosure of the answers to the foregoing questions?

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