Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mind Boggling Illogic of Officialdom's Hypocrisy

America’s golden-throated community organizer now is claiming that the government isn’t spying on the nation’s citizens.

The untruthfulness of that claim is clearly manifested by the supposed welcome of a national debate on the appropriate balance of the surveillance state vis-a-vis individual privacy by the same orator-in-chief as well as by his appointees who occupy leadership positions in America’s multiple security agencies.

Actually, the debate is about as welcome as root canals by those apparatchiks. They did everything within their considerable powers to shield the surveillance state from public view until one of their underlings, Edward Snowden, revealed its existence. Mr. Snowden’s revelations made the debate unavoidable.

The hypocrisy of the debate welcome is made clear by the continuing intensive efforts of the officials voicing it to get their grimy paws on Mr. Snowden.  They are intent on stringing him up for bringing public scrutiny to bear on their highly questionable activities. 

The inherent contradictions and inconsistencies of officialdom's activities, claims and statements undermine the credibility of everything emanating from the government. 

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