Saturday, May 8, 2010

Damaging Science

Faux scientists are endangering the scientific world. They are doing this in numerous areas by using their credentials to buttress quasi-religious political agendas. This has been taking place most notably -- though by no means exclusively --  in the climate field, where there has been money to be made in copious quantities by supporting the global warming hustle.

The danger in this is that in the political arena, things are cyclical, constantly changing. When the tables again turn and a new gangs of thieves and charlatans replaces the present ones, the currently trendy scientists also will be discarded. Recent revelations about the rigged data the faux scientists used to support the global warming alarmists will pale in comparison to the scorn and ridicule that will follow full investigations and hearings. Consequently, the credibility of scientists and science generally inevitably will take a big hit.

This will be deserved not because the assertions made by the propounders of the alarmist data may have been or were wrong but because of their claim that the science was "settled." Those making that claim expose themselves as faux scientists by doing so. In true science nothing is ever settled; everything is subject to constant questions, doubt, scrutiny, and reexamination.


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