Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mindless Beat Goes On

Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle included an article about the blessings of Thailand that contained the following statement:

. . . the Red Shirts . . . are roughly similar to Democrats . . . .  It's a crude comparison but the Red Shirts are poor and working class populists . . . .

Your not so humble blogger responded to the author of the article with an e-mail that, among other things, stated:

I was particularly fascinated by the analogy of the Thai Red Shirts to our Democrats as "poor and working-class populists." I assume you had in mind and were referring to such simple folks as FDR, the Kennedys, Al Gore, John Kerry, the Hon. John Edwards, Nancy Pelosi, Jay Rockefeller, Jon Corzine, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, the Hollywood intellectuals, as well as the crowd of former lobbyists and Goldman Sachs alumni now populating our nation's current administration. Good to see myths being perpetuated at every opportunity.

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