Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ideal Legislator

From The Wall Street Journal Best of the Web today:

"In the 16 months since he was sworn in, state Rep. Michael R. DesRoches did not cast a single vote," reports the New Hampshire Union Leader:

Colleagues in the House say they have not seen him in Concord this session.

They won't be seeing him in the future, either. DesRoches announced his resignation yesterday, explaining he was recently evicted from his apartment in downtown Manchester and no longer lives in the district he was elected to represent.

DesRoches, a Democrat, said he did not expect to win when he agreed to put his name on the ballot in 2006. Once elected, he said, he was sidetracked by a series of personal and financial problems, including a bad knee, a breakup and a bout with depression.

"I was concentrating on myself," he said yesterday. "Because if I didn't have a clear mind, with everything going on with my depression, how (would) I be able to actually vote correctly?"

Resigning? He should be running for Congress! If there were more guys like Michael DesRoches on Capitol Hill, imagine how little harm they'd do.

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runamuck said...

This guy has possibilities.

At least he seems to be human.

Thanks for the info.