Friday, March 7, 2008

The State Wants Our Kids

Remember This?
If You Live in California They May Be Coming Into Your Home to Seize Your Kids Just Like This Any Day Now

Just over a half decade ago Attorney General Janet Reno sent these paramilitary gunmen – does the term jack-booted thugs seem out-of-line --into a private home in Florida to seize the frightened boy in the above photo, and she then delivered the boy to Cuba to be raised and educated there under the aegis of Fidel Castro.

Now a California appellate court has ruled that parents, unless they hold teaching certificates, have no right to home school their children and that the state can enforce the state’s superior right to determine how our children should be educated. Under the court’s ruling, the state can enforce this right by (i) removing children from the care and custody of their parents, and (ii) criminally prosecuting resisting parents.

If this isn’t tyranny, nothing is. And what further evidence is needed to demonstrate that the state is the enemy of liberty and of all citizens irrespective of whether they wish to home school their children?

In addition, the notion that the state has any, let alone superior, ability to determine how and by whom children should be educated is sadly mistaken as demonstrated by the dismal performance of government schools and their certified pedagogues.

Anyone surprised by the failures of the public dumbing down indoctrination factories would do well to pause and reflect on the far greater breadth of governmental ineptitude. Case in point: the subprime mortgage/financial crisis was bestowed and inflicted on us by government licensed and regulated mortgage brokers and financial institutions. Fear not though -- they'll get bailed out and the failures will get covered up by the government with our tax money.

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