Monday, March 10, 2008

Letter to Congressional Representatives

Dear XXX:

To what level will gasoline prices have to rise, and to what extent will our economy have to sink before you will relent and drop your opposition to exploring for and extracting our own oil domestically?

This is a serious question to which I would appreciate a real rather than a form response.

Current policy, for which you share responsibility, puts about 85% of our potential land and outer continental shelf sources of petroleum off limits to those who would develop that potential.

In responding, please do not cite your support for programs to develop alternate sources of energy. These programs have uncertain prospects for success. Their only certainty is that any benefits will be in the distant future. In addition, ethanol, the sole alternate source of energy that Congress has created, is contributing to the escalating prices of energy, food, and all every-day needs for those for whom you profess concern. This is happening and real pain is being inflicted and felt by every American working family right now.

Meanwhile, we continue to send countless billions of dollars to the Middle East where they finance terrorism against America and Americans, and atrocities against Israel.

Thank you for in advance for your thoughtful attention to my question. I will look forward to receiving your response.

Will advise of responses if, when, and as received.

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