Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Patriot Micro Chips

The Patriot Micro Chip

To be implanted in Communist/Jihadist/Islamofascist foreheads by God fearing,
hard working, freedom lovers.

When properly done, will allow the implantee to speak to God instantly.

Comes in various sizes:

Implantee may or may not get to choose size.

May contain some information or precious metals:

May or may not be painless. Some bleeding and or swelling may occur at injection site.

Enjoy the security we provide for you.

U. S. Armed Services.


runamuck said...

Never work. Can't get through airport security, or can they?

K. R. Mudgeon said...

Yes they can. Rounds in full boxes, magazines, or clips are okay in checked baggage, as are declared unloaded firearms in locked inner container inside bag that locks. Know this because travel all over the country carrying this stuff in checked baggage.