Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nifong North: Spitzer Was More Than a Private Creep and the Press Assisted His Public Transgressions

Disgrace could not come to a more deserving creep than Eliot Spitzer. But had the press performed properly rather than assisting him when he was abusing his powers as a prosecutor and unjustifiably ruining the lives of innocent private citizens by doing so, he long ago would have been brought to justice for his public misdeeds rather than the private ones that now have brought his low character to light.

See the details by copying the following address into your web browser and going to where it takes you:

Note: You won't reach the right site unless you copy the entire address and get all of it into your web browser. It may be necessary to do this in two steps - once for each line.

P.S. In addition, one has to wonder about where the judges with oversight reponsiblities and where their respective bar associations were when Messrs. Nifong and Spitzer were misusing their authority and the legal system to savage their targets. Though zealous about protecting their turf, the judiciary and the organized bar appears to have been unfazed, failing with calm equanimity and dignified aplomb to react to egregious assaults on the rights of citizens who aren't members of their elite fraternities.


The Gunslinger said...

Call me about how to include links in your posts, so readers can just click them. It's simple, and people won't have to copy and paste.

And maybe consider turning off "Word Verification" until you need it.

runamuck said...

I want to know more about client's 1-8 and 10 and up. Maybe we can catch some more of these guys.

Their egos are such, that only continued publicity will force their hand (so to speak). In the meantime, I hope all the other "big time political (especially) clients are a little nervous.